Thursday, July 17, 2014

Biking in Bay Area

One of the cool things to do in Bay Area is biking. The nice weather and bicycle-friendly road system make it a wonderful sport here.

Many roads here have designated bike lanes. Beyond that, there are lots of bike trails, which only bicycles and pedestrians are allowed to enter.

The first time I rode on a bike trail, I was surprised by how professional it is. Not only has it yellow lines to mark opposing sides of the trail, but it also has solid and dotted yellow lines, lots of signs, just as roads for vehicles!
In fact, just as driving a vehicle, there are detailed rules for biking too, including hand signals, special rules for biking at night, etc.

Even with nice weather and bicycle-friendly road system, biking could be boring if the trails are around tall buildings, or crowded communities. Fortunately, that is not true here. Lots of trails are along rivers, coasts, around and inside parks. So there are lots of scenic views you can see.

Just as an example, the Bay Trail is one of my favourite trails. I took these photos last weekend with my old iPhone 4 when biking.

My plan right now is to ride every weekend, and to visit as many trails as I can!


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